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Return Policy



As claims, policies and procedure are governed by the terms of the BOSS INDUSTRIES, Inc. warranty, it is necessary to outline some of the more important provisions.

The BOSS INDUSTRIES warranty applies only to new and unused products which, after shipment from the factory, have not been altered, changed, repaired or mistreated in any manner whatsoever. Normal maintenance items such as lubricants and filters are not warrantable items.

Parts not of BOSS INDUSTRIES manufacture are warranted only to the extent they are warranted by the original manufacturer.

Damage resulting from abuse, neglect, misapplication or overloading of a machine, accessory or part is not covered under warranty.

Deterioration or wear occasioned by chemical and/or abrasive action or excessive heat shall not constitute defects.

Parts replacement and/or correction of defective workmanship will normally be handled by BOSS INDUSTRIES or their authorized distributor.

Failure to file a detailed warranty claim/service report for each occurrence of material defect of defective workmanship will cause warranty claim to be rejected.

Defective material must be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipping instructions.

Failure to do so within specified time will result in forfeiture of claim.

Customer shall be allowed no more than 30 days from date of repair to file a warranty claim/service report.

Warranty for failure of BOSS INDUSTRIES replacement parts covers the net cost of the party only, not labor and mileage.

The BOSS INDUSTRIES warranty does not cover diagnostic calls and travel. That is time spent traveling to the machine to analyze the problem and returning with the proper tools and parts to correct the problem.

BOSS INDUSTRIES will deduct from allowable credits for excess freight caused by sender failing to follow return shipping instructions.

End Users automatically deducting the value of a warranty claim from outstanding balances due and payable to BOSS INDUSTRIES prior to receiving written notification of BOSS INDUSTRIES approval of the warranty claim may be subject to forfeiture of the entire claim.




The warranty/return procedure outlined below is provided to give the claimant the information necessary to file a warranty/return claim, and enable BOSS INDUSTRIES the ability to best serve its’ customers.

Please see the following instructions to initiate a return:

Contact BOSS INDUSTRIES Returns Department by telephone at (800) 635-6587 or via email at parts@bossair.com. You may also send a fax at (877) 254-4249


Parts returned to the factory must be properly packaged to prevent damage during shipment. Damage to
a part as a result of improper handling or packing could be cause for denial. When addressing the package
for shipment, the following information must be on the outside of, or tagged clearly, to the package.

1. Return Goods Authorization #. 

2. End User's return address.

3. Number of packages pertaining to each claim.

**NOTE: Our warranty requires that all defective parts be returned to BOSS INDUSTRIES freight prepaid. Items sent without RGA number will not be accepted. Unauthorized Returns Will Immediately Be Refused At Dock.**


1. Initiate through a purchase order for warranty part or request for credit.

**Note: All Non Warranty related returned parts are subjected to a 20% restocking fee**

2. RGA will accompany replacement part if Warranty Claim

3. BOSS INDUSTRIES will confirm disposition of failed part within 30 days of receipt and or request additional information.

4. Claim denial will result in issuance of a letter of denial.

5. BOSS INDUSTRIES will consider each claim on its’ own merit and reserves the right to accept or reject claim request. In case of air-ends, these will be returned to the manufacturer for their analysis/input.

6. Send Warranty Claim to:
1761 Genesis Drive
LaPorte, IN 46350
Attn: Returns Dept.



An approved claim depends on the following provision:

1. An RGA # must be issued by BOSS INDUSTRIES. (See filing procedures.)

2. Failed part must be returned within 30 days of original invoice date, freight prepaid, with RGA #.

3. Part is determined to be defective.

4. Workmanship is determined to be defective.

5. Machine is within warranty period.

6. Machine has been operated within design conditions.

Claims made through distributors must be verified by distributor prior to contacting BOSS INDUSTRIES.


Do not return damaged merchandise to BOSS INDUSTRIES, please follow claim procedure.

1. Loss in transit:
The merchandise in our kit or provided in our factory installations has been thoroughly inspected or carefully installed and tested before leaving our plant. However, regardless of the care taken at the factory, there is a possibility that damage may occur in shipment. For this reason, it is recommended that the unit be carefully inspected for evidence of possible damage or malfunction during the first few hours of operation. Responsibility for the safe delivery of the kit or factory installed unit was assumed by the carrier at the time of shipment. Therefore, claims for loss or damage to the contents of the kit or factory installed unit should be made upon the carrier.

2. Concealed loss or damage:
Concealed loss or damage means loss or damage, which does not become apparent until the kit is unpacked or the factory-installed unit is run by the end-user. The contents of the kit or factory installed unit may be damaged due to rough handling while in route to its destination, even thought the kit or factory installed unit shows no external damage. When the damage is discovered upon unpacking, make a written request for inspection by the carrier agent within fifteen days of delivery date. Then file a claim with the carrier since such damage is the carrier’s responsibility. By following these instructions carefully, we guarantee our full support of your claims, to protect you against loss from concealed damage.

3. Visible Loss or Damage:
Any external evidence of loss or damage must be noted on the Freight Bill or Express Receipt, and signed by the carrier’s agent. Failure to adequately describe such external evidence of loss, or damage may result in the carrier refusing to honor a damage claim. The carrier will supply the form required to file such a claim.